Got Stuck Somewhere?

Michael Angelo is an upcoming platform which lets you ask questions which you can't find on the Internet straight from the Gurus in fields of Programming, Graphic Design, Business,Photography & Entrepreneurship under 60 minutes. Starts @ $1.

Here's How It Works.

Whether you're stuck with drawing ER Diagram of your client's project to running a full blown Snapchat ad-campaign. You can ask just about anything.
Depending on Complexity of Questions it's upto you to place a reward as much as you like.
Choose the best Answers & give out the reward.

Are you our next Guru 

10+ years of experience makes you a complete Master, we only need 5. You need to provide us any  valid proof of your experience.
Michael Angelo only invites Gurus who have passed our preliminary test.Don't worry it's free. You can give it as many times as you want.
If you are our among our first 500  Gurus, you can sign up as a Guru only by submitting a valid proof of your experience.

Sign up As a Guru & See if you Qualify

Forget writing lengthy Blog Posts , Answering people's queries on social media sites where no one heard you seriously. Earn money while sharing your heard earned knowledge with people who need you the most. (Be an early adopter & maximize your chance to earn some  serious money.)

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A little more about Michael Angelo

Often we're stuck in situations where  we don't have the necessary domain knowledge about a topic/time just enough to research about the topic/client deadline.In those dire situations it is better to ask from someone who might have done it before/might be an authority on that topic.

Also we being an authority on a topic takes years of hard work practice & time & that certainly cannot be given for free. We at Michael Angelo realized that social networking sites/blogs/Q and A sites  gives you a general idea about how to solve the problem  

On other hand web search /research are too time consuming & may or may not generally guide us to the solution . That's why we built Michael Angelo for ourselves. 

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